Dana White Says the NBA and MLB Have COVID-Positive Athletes Playing

Dana White speaking at the 2020 Republican National Convention
Dana White speaking at the 2020 Republican National Convention / Handout/Getty Images

The UFC continues to plug along during the coronavirus pandemic, holding weekly events in empty arenas. If you ask Dana White, it sounds like the UFC is the only sport making any sacrifices. Via Bloody Elbow:

"“Look at the history here,” White told the assembled media. “Look at what we’ve done, look at how it’s all worked out. One of the things that we’re not doing that the other sports are doing is there’s people that keep testing positive, right? Positive, positive, positive, but they have no symptoms and they’re not contagious. They’re letting those guys play if it’s in the NBA or Major League Baseball. We’re not. I mean that’s the difference."

Even for White, who routinely lies to the press about anything that hasn't been officially announced, this is a bold claim with no basis in reality. No one in the NBA has tested positive since entering the Disney bubble. Those who did test positive on their way to Orlando were quarantined and not allowed in until they had multiple negative tests. They came nowhere near playing.

As for MLB, they have had issues with COVID-19 to the point where the Miami Marlins had eight straight games postponed early in the season. Outside a bubble, traveling from city to city, MLB has taken many more risks, but they have shut down players, games and teams when needed. What might have confused White was this piece of news about allowing players to return to play after a certain amount of time. It is unclear if this has actually happened so far.

White went on to say this:

"“And, we just had a situation last week where they tested negative, negative, then tested positive, so this thing is just f—king wacky, and you do the best you can. We’re doing everything the right way, it’s just, who knows with this thing?”"

This is all just so Trump-y and expected from White. You have to wonder if his good buddy ever explained to him how bad coronavirus really was. Maybe that could have prepared White for canceling those events in April, losing his headlining bout this week and putting on a card with just seven fights last week.