Dana White and the UFC Badly Need the Rumored Brock Lesnar Return to Happen


In an interview with Bleacher Report’s  Megan Olivi, Dana White discussed Brock Lesnar’s future in the UFC. In typical White fashion, he indicated better times are on the way for his company.

When speaking on the potential blockbuster with Daniel Cormier:

"“I think both guys really want it, Cormier wants it bad. I know Cormier wants it bad, and Brock wants it bad. So, when two fighters want to fight each other as bad as these two do, I think it’s going to happen.”"

As for when this long-rumored fight could take place, White hopes to know more by this summer:

"“Brock Lesnar is doing his thing with WWE. One of the things about Brock Lesnar is, when that guy is ready to fight, he is not shy. He will call me and he will let me know. To be honest with you, I’m hoping to hear from that guy this summer.”"

If Lesnar was to return to the Octagon in the next six months, it would be a seismic win for the UFC. Outside of Conor McGregor and Jon Jones, the UFC glaringly lacks star power and individuals who present must-see pay-per-views. Lesnar would instantly add a third party to that equation, regardless of who he faces.

The UFC, now more than ever, needs the services of Lesnar. The new deal with ESPN is underway and they just made things much more complicated for their expensive pay-per-views by forcing them to be purchased via ESPN+.

Even though White sounds pretty confident, I would like to caution fight fans. Lesnar’s latest UFC return has been nothing but constant buzz that he is coming back, but then doesn’t, and continues his part-time — but full-time paid — role with WWE. It was all the way back in July when they made a show of Lesnar’s return and teased the showdown with Cormier that is still nothing but rumors.

Maybe this time is different. Perhaps, down the road, this will result in the fight we all want to see in Lesnar vs. Jones. But for more certain things: Lesnar will defend the Universal Championship against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania in what both UFC and WWE fans hope leads to a UFC return.