Dan Sileo Was Fired Because of an Anti-Semitic Remark

By Stephen Douglas

Dan Sileo, a sports talk radio host and former Miami Hurricane, was fired by WQAM earlier this week. It was the second time a Florida radio station fired Sileo and it seemed like a remark about Erin Andrews may have been the final screw-up for Sileo. Turns out it was a half-assed joke about being Jewish that did it. The Anti-Defamation League wrote a letter to the station urging them to take disciplinary action against Sileo. From the Miami Herald:

This comment … is troubling as it perpetuates offensive and bigoted anti-Jewish stereotypes about money that have for centuries served to incite anti-Semitism and violence against the Jewish community,” the letter stated.

You can listen to the audio above, but here is the quote in its original form via Sports Rantz:

“Hey, one thing I’m very proud of, I saved every nickel I had. That must be the half-Hebrew in me. ‘Cause I saved it… That’s part of the old culture there, man, right? That’s why when that $2.06 on that airplane got taken from me, man, I’m still pissed off at that thing.”

Hope he still has those savings.

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