Dan Sileo, Miami Sports Radio Host & Former Hurricane, Lost His Mind On the Air After The U Lost to Kansas State


Dan Sileo is a sports talk radio host for WQAM in South Florida who played defensive line for University of Miami in the 80’s. If those details alone don’t make him sound wonderful, you should know that in March, Sileo was fired from WDAE-AM for referring to black football players as “monkeys.”

That brings us to his latest bout with idiocy. Following The U’s 52-13 loss to #21 Kansas State, Sileo went on a rant about how embarrassing it was for an unranked team to get its ass kicked by a ranked team. He never put it quite like that, but that’s basically what he was growling and yelling about like an idiot.

“Pull a knife on ’em, and stick ’em! Gauge his eyes! Hit him in the knees! Kick him in the balls! Something! Show me you care! Jesus Christ almighty.”

Why aren’t all college football programs as good as they used to be! It makes me so angry!

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