Dan Sileo Made An Erin Andrews Peephole Comment, WEEI's John Dennis Laughed Out Loud

By Ty Duffy

Miami radio host “Bonecrusher” Dan Sileo, responsible for this over the top rant after the Hurricanes lost to Kansas State started an altercation with Erin Andrews on twitter. Sileo blamed “bimbos like Erin Andrews” covering college football for the media response to Te’o. (It was in fact male “bimbos” working at some major media outlets) Andrews (since deleted) responded that she had not covered Notre Dame on FOX.

Sileo, egged on by this tweet, suggested Andrews make him dinner. Andrews (since deleted) asked him to wear his “cool earring.” Sileo then went for the peep hole incident, prompting WEEI host John Dennis to chime in that Sileo’s comment made him “laff out loud.” Sileo then clarified he would be willing to tolerate Andrews “naked or in porn” just “not at a sports desk.”

Dennis and Sileo share more than finding a woman being the victim of a jarring, invasive crime by a sexually motivated stalker hilarious. They also enjoy comparing black people to primates on air. Sileo was fired from his last job in April for calling black NFL free agents “monkeys.” Dennis, along with his partner Gerry Callahan, was suspended for two weeks in 2003, when he compared an escaped gorilla to a black school child waiting for a bus.

We won’t even get into their combined assault on standard spelling.

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