Dan Shaughnessy Knows the Real Culprit for Last Night's Loss: Adrian Gonzalez


Adrian Gonzalez wasn’t with the Dodgers for Game 1 of the World Series. He returned to Dodgers Stadium for Game 2, likely shamed into attendance because of public reaction to him not being around to support the team.

His appearance was bound to have some sort of effect, obviously. The vibration of his molecules had a butterfly effect on the baseball, resulting in a Dodgers’ loss in Game 2 that would have only happened with him watching. Dan Shaughnessy was on it.

Sure, for awhile Gonzalez’ powers were so great that he made the Dodgers, for the second night in a row, hit a two-run home run in the 6th inning, making it appear that everything that had been done before was happening again.

But when Yasiel Puig came up just an inch away from a great catch, I think we all know what caused the minor disturbance accounting for that inch. And then, Kenley Jansen’s pitch found the sweet spot of Marwin Gonzalez’ bat, another matter of inches. In the bottom of the 9th, Gonzalez’ replacement at first base, Cody Bellinger, put a sweet-looking swing on a ball, but something pulled it back away from the right field fence.

The evidence is as clear as Shaughnessy’s mind. All we need now is for video to emerge of Gonzalez leaving the game after the Astros took a 5-3 lead, while the Dodgers were making a pitching change, to beat that LA traffic, only for him to turn around and return to the stadium upon hearing it had been tied. It’s inevitably going to come out soon enough.

Being able to see baseball at this higher level is why Dan Shaughnessy is now in the Baseball Hall of Fame.