Dan Patrick vs. Colin Cowherd vs. Dan LeBatard in TV Ratings


The TV ratings game has changed significantly in recent years for a multitude of reasons. Consumers are able to watch TV shows on DVR at their leisure; if they don’t have time to watch a show they want – such as “PTI” – they can simply download the podcast and listen to it while stuck in traffic.

With all that in mind, here are some TV numbers for three national radio shows from Monday, September 28th:

Dan Patrick (NBC Sports Network, 9-12 EST): 52,000 viewers
Colin Cowherd (Fox Sports 1, 12-3 EST): 105,000 viewers
Dan LeBatard (ESPNU, 10-1 EST): 43,000 viewers

As you can see from the times they were on, there is only a little overlap. As such, there are many different TV options each of these shows is going up against. And each of these gentlemen are on different radio stations across the country.

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