Dan Patrick: Seahawks Management is 'Not Happy' With Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Russell Wilson's name has been prominent in the news recently as the longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback's shockingly honest quotes about the state of the franchise circulate. It all started when he appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and expressed his desire to have some input in personnel decisions. He followed up that day by telling Seattle reporters on a media call in no uncertain terms that he's tired of getting hit in the pocket.

Wilson never makes headlines like this during the season, much less during the offseason. It comes as a great surprise to us all that he's giving out quotes that are neither vanilla nor long-winded ways of saying nothing. It's great! The NFL offseason is long and Wilson is giving us all something to talk about.

His bosses are less than pleased, though. Stunning, I know. Bringing it full circle, Dan Patrick reported yesterday that sources tell him the Seattle front office is "not happy" with Wilson's decision to take all of his issues public in the way he did. Furthermore, Patrick said his source tells him that if the situation remains unchanged, it's "unsustainable."

So! That's... something, isn't it? Wilson's comments this week were definitely more than we're accustomed to getting from him, but he didn't exactly go scorched earth on his employer. He merely expressed his desire to be heard in the big decisions and that he would like to not get sacked 40 times a year. Seems pretty reasonable for a franchise quarterback, no? Especially one as good as Wilson has been and will continue to be.

It's only February and the two sides have months to hash out whatever disagreements have been spawned. But things might be worse than we know if Patrick's source believes the situation is "unsustainable" as it stands.