Dan Patrick Isn't Going Anywhere For Awhile


Dan Patrick will continue his big show for four more years as part of an announcement made this morning.

The former ESPN anchor and radio host has inked a new multiyear contract extension withNBC Sports and iHeartMedia, which will keep hisThe Dan Patrick Showrunning through the end of 2027, he tellsThe Hollywood Reporter.

Last week the venerable broadcaster sent people scurrying to figure out what was going on by saying that he would retire in four years. “I did it backwards, that I announced my retirement then announced my contract extension,” Patrick told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s sort of an Elton John Farewell Tour, where it’s going on for years, and I apologize for that.”

Patrick, who will be 71 at the end of this extension, still has one of the best daily radio shows/simulcasts out there at a time where they genre seems to either being disappearing or, at the least, valued less. Yet there he is and will remain in that Milford studio providing

“‘The Dan Patrick Show’ has built a loyal following due to its unique combination of sports expertise, unmatched humor, and interviews with the most sought-after guests in sports and entertainment,” said Rick Cordella, President, Programming, NBC Sports and Peacock Sports in a statement. “Dan is quite simply one of the most talented and entertaining sports hosts of all time with the rare ability to authentically connect with his audience. With this agreement, Dan and the Danettes will entertain Peacock’s growing sports audience for years to come.”

Finally, some good news.