Dan Patrick's Big Ten Source is Back, Forecasting Bad Things For Ohio State

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Dan Patrick's Big Ten source is back and texted him in between bites of leftover turkey this weekend with bad, but not completely unexpected news for Ohio State. The Buckeyes, who had their game against Illinois two days ago canceled after a rash of positive coronavirus tests raced through the program affecting players and coach Ryan Day alike, are really up against it. Patrick's source says that there is strong speculation this upcoming Saturday's game against Michigan State will also be canceled, effectively making OSU ineligible for the Big Ten Championship Game.

All is not lost yet, though. Ohio State is deep enough to beat the Spartans with second- and third-stringers. So if they can get enough healthy bodies in uniforms, they will have a fighting chance no matter who is filling the pads. And even if the Buckeyes go 6-0 or even 5-0 without a championship crown, there is a chance the selection committee throws caution to the wind and puts them in the playoff anyway.

And I'll tell you what. It probably wouldn't be the wrong thing to do. Certainly an undefeated yet largely untested undefeated Ohio State team would be preferable to a one-loss Northwestern or Indiana. This is clearly a year where everyone is making up the rules as they go along and the points don't matter.

Like a more athletic version of Whose Line Is It Anyway with significantly less Greg Proops.

Anyway, time will tell. This was always a possible outcome of bringing Big Ten football back amid an unchecked pandemic and checked-out administration.