Dan Patrick is Pissed at ESPN (and so are other media members, too)

By Jason McIntyre

With all the concussion-related news in the NFL recently, former Super Bowl winner Kurt Warner has been in high demand. The bounty-loving Saints knocked him out of a playoff game two years ago, ending his career.

So Dan Patrick interviewed Kurt Warner Thursday, the day after Junior Seau committed suicide. Warner said he wouldn’t want his kids playing football. He’s certainly not the first former player to say this, but the news was picked up by ESPN, which credited Patrick’s show. Later, Colin Cowherd interviewed Warner, and Warner said the same thing.

Friday morning, Mike & Mike played a sound byte of Warner, but they credited Cowherd’s interview, not Patrick’s. Cue outrage!

Audio: Dan Patrick is angry.

(Note: Patrick and Cowherd were friends at ESPN. In our profile of Cowherd, he talked about Patrick giving him advice.)

Patrick isn’t the only media member who has voiced displeasure with ESPN lately. A few guys at CBS Sports – namely Jeff Goodman, Bryan Fisher and Brett McMurphy – have been railing against ESPN’s Andy Katz recently for reporting something they broke hours (or a day) prior. McMurphy has owned conference realignment in college sports, soundly beating ESPN and every other outlet. Often, instead of giving him credit, they pull the “ESPN has learned.” At ESPN, you rarely see “as first reported by CBS Sports” or something along those lines. Ditto with Goodman and college basketball coaching changes and transfers.

And Jack Curry at the YES Network has feuded with Buster Olney on twitter over scoops.

ESPN has had this problem for years – another outlet will break a story, but then ESPN will flood the zone (online, radio, TV) with the story, and quickly claim it as their own, rarely attributing the outlet that originally reported the story.

I’m sure the Ombudsman is on the case.