Dan Orlovsky Says Tom Brady is the Best Quarterback in Football

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Today on Get Up, Dan Orlovsky claimed that Tom Brady, when properly protected, is the best quarterback in football. This means that in Dan Orlovsky's reality and Tom Brady's dreams, Patrick Mahomes apparently does not exist.

We sure have come a long way in two months. After Brady threw two picks in a season-opening loss to the Saints, Brady looked like he was finally getting old. Now after lighting up the Raiders, who have the fifth-worst pass defense in the NFL, Brady is the best quarterback alive again.

This should come as a great surprise to any of the guys have a similar statistical season to Brady. Guys like DeShaun Watson, Josh Allen, or Russell Wilson. Gardner Minshew has one more pick and and completed the same number of passes as Brady this season on one less pass attempt. Brady has thrown for 55 more yards.

Look, Brady is rounding out a nice first half of the season. He's playing on a loaded offense and had three really good games this season. Good for him, especially at his age, but come on. Patrick Mahomes is still out there. He is a very real person on a 6-1 team who won Super Bowl MVP this calendar year. This may be one of the greatest recency bias overreactions we will ever see.

Brady played really well while Mahomes had a ho-hum outing in an easy win. Now suddenly Brady is the best player again. This is actually bad, even by our normal hot take talk show standards.