Dan Orlovsky: Patrick Mahomes Is the Worst QB in the NFL Mechanically

New York Giants v Kansas City Chiefs
New York Giants v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are struggling right now. Despite a Monday night win over the New York Giants, the Chiefs are a mess. Perhaps most concerning, Patrick Mahomes has looked terrible compared to the lofty standard he's set over the past three seasons. On Tuesday, ESPN's Dan Orlovsky broke down the former MVP's mechanics and concluded they are the worst in the NFL right now.

Here's a look at Orlovsky's breakdown in three parts:

Orlovsky makes some pretty concerning points. Mahomes is off schedule on most of his throws, he's bailing from the pocket and his footwork is a mess. All of that is causing him to miss throws he can easily make.

When someone commented on Orlovsky's analysis, he responded:

It's clear from watching Mahomes this season that he's completely off. He's not the world-beating quarterback we've come to know throughout the course of his NFL career. From those videos, it's obvious he's not right mechanically. His playing style has never been orthodox, but when things like footwork are off it can change everything.

Mahomes and the Chiefs need to fix their issues if they hope to make a run this year.