Dan Orlovsky Returned to the Pat McAfee Show

Dan Orlovsky returns to the "Pat McAfee Show"
Dan Orlovsky returns to the "Pat McAfee Show" /

A few weeks ago Pat McAfee announced that ESPN had banned its talent from going on his show. Well, in a big reveal on Tuesday, regular guest Dan Orlovsky was back, which might mean the four-letter network has softened its stance.

Here's video of Orlovsky's return, which included him wearing a Bowser head as he hopped on:

Orlovsky was clearly happy to return to the air with McAfee and it seemed like everything was back to business as usual. Which would mean his regular appearances could resume.

We're not sure what ESPN's exact policy is on guests doing shows outside its family of networks. Shortly after McAfee went public with the news of the ban, ESPN issued a statement claiming there was no ban going forward:

That bit about "figuring out the best process for future guests to appear on outside platforms" is interesting. So there might be some restrictions without calling it a "ban."

Either way, Orlovsky was back with McAfee and the gang on Wednesday and he dropped some insider knowledge on Justin Fields:

That'll make some waves.