Dan Orlovsky: Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl Favorites

Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers are the only team in the NFL that has clinched a playoff spot. They are helmed by Aaron Rodgers, who appears to be a person who spent the entire offseason expanding his mind and dreaming of capturing that elusive second Super Bowl. It's been a topsy-turvy season to this point and odds are that more twists and surprises lie ahead. Still, if forced by society or the producers of a morning television show to to pick one team going forward, I think I would land the same place Dan Orlovsky landed this morning on First Take. On Green Bay.

Orlovsky pointed to the way the Packers have fought through adversity and shuffled offensive linemen in and out with great success. How Rodgers looks as good as he ever has throwing the football, which is quite a statement. How the path to the Super Bowl will run through Lambeau. And how this defense is improving and getting healthier. Add all of these things up and they seem like a safer bet than the suddenly restored Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course, there's no real reason for anyone to have extreme confidence in this of all years. Green Bay did almost lose a game to Baltimore's backup 24 hours ago. And Tom Brady is still drawing breath. A lot can go wrong in the playoffs, as it has so often for Rodgers. But of all the teams out there, this one seems to have it the most together and has the most clear-cut path right now.

Check back next Monday.