Dan Orlovsky Needs to Calm Down


Dan Orlovsky is very good at his job. He's a great X's and O's guy and effective communicator and he seems well-liked by his peers at ESPN. Having said all that, Dan Orlovsky needs to calm down because he unleashed an unreasonable and borderline unhinged take this morning on Get Up by saying, "If the Eagles don't become a dynasty it's a disappointment."

They haven't even won one yet!

Orlovsky's argument is that they have a great young nucleus, two first-round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft and Jalen Hurts has improved every year in the NFL and college.

Then he throws out a few little caveats like how long will 35-year-old Jason Kelce and 32-year-old Lane Johnson play. And he wasn't even sure the Eagles would give Hurts a new contract as recently as last week. Oh, and he has some serious concerns about Hurts' short- and long-term health.

But having said all that, simply winning this Super Bowl would be considered a disappointment if there aren't another one, two, or however many more down the road in quick succession?

Holy crap, Dan. This is the absolute worst part of take culture. The Eagles will rightfully be thrilled if they win the Super Bowl, but should they be? If they need to be a dynasty to not be a disappointment, should they even bother celebrating? Should Nick Sirianni or Jalen Hurts take the trophy and set it down and say there's more work to do. We haven't accomplished anything yet.

What even is a dynasty? The Chiefs have been to the AFC Championship Game in five consecutive years and won one Super Bowl. And if they win on Sunday people are going to argue about whether that counts as a dynasty. The Golden State Warriors won three titles in four seasons and four titles in nine and you can't even get a consensus on that being a "dynasty."

Or is dynasty just another word sports debate has rendered meaningless? How many wins in how many years? Is it just something that existed back when there were fewer than 10 teams in the NBA and the Celtics won 11 in 13 years? Where Jordan's Bulls one dynasty or two different dynasties?

I can't believe there is so much air time to fill that we have to talk about this. I can assure the Eagles and Chiefs do not care about what is and isn't a dynasty right now. They want to win on Sunday. That's enough for now. Whether they were part of a dynasty or just some fluke team that won the Super Bowl.