Dan Orlovsky Just Disrespected Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dan Orlovsky on NFL Live
Dan Orlovsky on NFL Live /

Dan Orlovsky is one hell of an NFL analyst, we love his work breaking down the game. But the ESPN personality has some really horrendous food takes that have been documented by his colleagues over the years. On Friday, he took things too far.

Orlovsky nearly killed co-host Laura Rutledge with his take on chocolate chip cookies. Fellow NFL Live teammate Marcus Spears couldn't believe it either.

The take that broke his colleagues came when Orlovsky claimed chocolate chip cookies were the most overrated cookie on the planet. He then made made things worse by claiming oatmeal raisin cookies as the best.

Check this out:

Nope, just nope.

Sorry Dan, we love you but this is a terrible take. If you're not having chewy or soft chocolate chip cookies, you're having the wrong chocolate chip cookies! And if you have to add milk to a cookie, why is that a bad thing? And Spears is correct here, warm raisins are disgusting.

Orlovsky needs to stick to football takes, and leave the food takes to people with discerning palates.