Dan Orlovsky Loves Carson Wentz and He Doesn't Care Who Knows

Dan Orlovsky gives a take Mina Kimes simply cannot believe
Dan Orlovsky gives a take Mina Kimes simply cannot believe /

Carson Wentz joined the Indianapolis Colts today as he was traded from the Atlantic coastline to the snug Midwestern United States. The Philadelphia Eagles received a third-round pick this year and a second-round pick next year that could become a first-rounder if Wentz both stays healthy and doesn't stink out loud.

The pros and cons of the trade will be debated until September and the season begins. Thus, we turn our attention elsewhere, to perhaps the biggest Wentz advocate in sports media: Dan Orlovsky.

Orlovsky was supposed to be on vacation this week, taking some much-deserved time off from Get Up and NFL Live on ESPN. He called into the latter show today to declare Wentz belongs in the MVP conversation now because of his new home:

I don't know if I've ever believed in anything as much as Orlovsky appears to believe that Frank Reich's staff will find the good version of Wentz buried beneath whatever the hell happened last year.

Orlovsky's love of Wentz goes back. Here he is literally standing up on set and hooting and hollering in equal measures when discussing if the Eagles should trade Wentz before the season began:

Then here's Orlovsky slamming everybody but Wentz halfway through last season in what would prove to be a fruitless attempt to prove the losses piling up weren't his favorite quarterback's fault:

We'll throw it back even farther and give a look back into about one year ago, before Orlovsky found his resounding success on Get Up that helped lead to his position on NFL Live. Max Kellerman must be doing victory laps in his house right now:

The man truly believes in Carson Wentz. This is too dedicated to be a bit for TV. The Colts now must exonerate him and revitalize Wentz, otherwise he'll be at the mercy of Mina Kimes & Co. for the rest of time.