Dan Orlovsky Bets Marcus Spears $100 on Baker Mayfield's 2021 Statline


Dan Orlovsky came in hot this morning. It started on social media and continued on ESPN's Get Up. Then it went back to social media again. The man was firing bullets faster than Wyatt Earp.

Everything started when he pointed out Dak Prescott and Baker Mayfield have been as elite as Mitchell Trubisky and Jameis Winston against winning teams over the last two years.

Ironically, I wrote a story about how Dak Prescott hasn't been elite against elite teams a while back so I get where he's coming from. Of course, people were upset on Twitter and said Orlovsky was digging too deep. People emailed me the same thing. Regardless, Orlovsky soon changed focus, saying he believes Mayfield will have a bounce-back year where he throws for over 25 TDs and fewer than 10 interceptions. He was even willing to bet Marcus Spears $100 Mayfield goes for those numbers. For reference, Mayfield threw 22 TDs and 21 INTs last season.

Orlovsky then double downed on his bet on social.

Gotta respect someone who's willing to put their money where their mouth is. Of course, that's not much money for a former NFL QB/ESPN talent, but still a bet is a bet and this one is on the table. We're still waiting to see if Spears accepts.

UPDATE: It appears he hasn't accepted?