Dan Orlovsky Explains Why the Bears Should Pick Jayden Daniels

Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are going to trade Justin Fields and select Caleb Williams with the first pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. We are unified on so little right now but this is one of the few things we feel comfortable sharing common ground. Hell, just yesterday we heard about the USC product's affinity for all the things mentioned in the first paragraph of the city's Wikipedia page.

Unless that's just what the Bears want everyone to think and they're going all-in on mind games.

Few pundits have been bold enough to suggest a different course of action than simply taking the consensus best player available but Dan Orlovsky marches to the beat of his own drum. So it's not entirely surprising to hear him zig while everyone else zags on this morning's Get Up.

His take? Chicago should take Jayden Daniels instead.

"That is knock on Caleb Williams, that is a plus on Jayden Daniels," he said. "I think No. 1 when you watch all these guys play, the best thrower, the best guy against man coverage ball-placement-wise is Jayden Daniels. No. 2, when we're talking about explosive plays, guys who have to throw the ball downfield what does it look like? Jayden Daniels throws the ball best down field. And then No. 3, he's got the best pocket peace ... all these guys are athletic. It's no longer this plus, everyone of these guys has that attribute. Patience and peace within the pocket, he's the best at."

Those are pretty convincing arguments if you agree with Orlovsky's tape breakdown. And he has a pretty solid track record in that department.

Again, this is the time of year when casual fans are confronted with contrarian takes about stuff they thought they'd learned after studying months and months of mock drafts so it's really hard to keep up or know what's going on. We're just dumb bloggers and Orlovsky may be 100 percent correct but it's really, really hard to imagine the Bears making such a bold choice.