Chicago Radio Host Asks if ESPN's Maria Taylor is Dressed for the Adult Film Awards

Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Twitter is a hell of a drug. Longtime Chicago sports Grobowski Dan McNeil could have just watched two Monday Night Football games in anonymity last night but instead chose to comment on ESPN sideline reporter Maria Taylor's attire in an extremely regrettable, public way that will likely cause him some problems around 670 The Score.

As dangerous as it is to even get inside a brain like this, let's try. You know what, no. Not today.

McNeil, who co-hosts middays, was clearly thinking about something. Taylor's attire doesn't exactly scream AVN Awards to me, but that's probably because I've long been interested in the unique fashion at the annual celebration of consensual, on-screen lovemaking.

Again, purely for fact-checking purposes, here are some of the outfits that have really popped at recent AVNS.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Adult Video News Awards - Arrivals
Adult Video News Awards - Arrivals / Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Adult Entertainment Convention Held In Las Vegas
Adult Entertainment Convention Held In Las Vegas / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Again, I just don't see it. Maybe there's a small Screech vibe in the color story but other than that, not much commonality.

Taylor took umbrage with the quickly-deleted musing and fit time to address it into her busy work schedule.

McNeil has been a staple for three decades so he has some credentials to fall back on and ample experience to know better. I'm not going to sit here and mete out punishment or lack of punishment. It is worth considering that McNeil kept his job back in April during a painful round of cuts at the station that left a lot of people who didn't make these types of headaches online for the company on the outside looking in.

UPDATE: Dan McNeil has been fired by Entercom, Deadspin's Julie DiCaro reports.