Dan LeBatard Thinks Derrick Rose Urinated on Himself; Ric Bucher Disagrees

By Jason McIntyre

[On another radio show, Bucher actually compared Rose’s struggles at the end of game four – remember those two misses against LeBron in the final minute? – to Kobe Bryant’s airballs against the Utah Jazz when Kobe was an 18 year-old rookie, started only six games during the regular season, and averaged 7.6 points a game. Rose, mind you, was the NBA’s MVP this year. I’ll defend Derrick Rose, who I think is a great player … but that comparison is batshit crazy.]

From LeBatard’s radio spot with Bucher, which is extremely contentious at times:

"LeBatard: He did everything but throw up on the front of his jersey … Bucher: Look, he missed a clutch free throw … but considering everything, I don’t think there was a lot of difference between game five and game four … LeBatard: He made a lot of fouls, every big shot was made in his face, and he had turnovers at the end and he missed a free throw. What else would he have had to have done for you to believe he hadn’t played well at the end? Urinate on himself? Bucher: Uh, are we really having … I’m not sure why you asked me on … are we having a conservation, or are we making a joke of this? LeBatard: [tries to saves the interview, asks the question in a less antagonistic manner] Bucher: I didn’t think he threw up on his jersey and I didn’t think he urinated on himself. a few questions later … Jon “Stugotz” Weiner (co-host): “You haven’t like LeBron for a long time, why should we take you seriously?” Bucher: “You’re the one who called me, I didn’t ask to come on the show.”"

Bucher’s sticking to his guns here and actually comes off somewhat clueless about the NBA (fwiw, I’ve been a long-time fan). A reader noted that Bucher sounded similarly nuts on a recent Bill Simmons podcast, but I haven’t heard it yet. When you factor in the Dwight Howard incident … it’s been a tough postseason for Ric Bucher.

How much fun is LeBatard having with the Heat run? Witness (the Sammy Sosa part is hilarious):

I don’t think that one was as funny as the original, which made for epic radio after LeBron and Bosh signed with the Heat: