New Parody Song About Stugotz Is a Banger


Fans of The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz have come to expect a certain parody show standard. One of those classic iron-sharpening-iron scenarios you hear so much about in sports. Competition for the next Sueys is off to a hot start as today brought the debut of Song Stu by valued listener Steve Arduini. It takes direct aim at the tongue-chewing, Dead Show-gallivanting member of the show most likely to view life as a lazy river. It is quite enjoyable and comes with the added benefit of a familiar Woo-Hoo that tends to get stuck in the brain and rattle around there for weeks.

Dare we say clubhouse leader? Of course it's early and other noted songmakers would assure you that quality releases are coming (they're getting to them, buddy). Mad Dog Russo just went on a rant yesterday that could serve as the spiritual successor to Havlicek (Get Wrecked). Opportunity springs eternal.

Iron-based jokes aside, one of the many reasons this program has been able to cultivate and maintain such a sticky audience is because it both inspires and rewards creativity, all the while broadening the conversation and making it a two-way proposition with the audience. An extremely hard thing to grow organically and keep alive through evolution.