Dan Le Batard: Everything Is Under Attack


For the second time in little over a month, Dan Le Batard shared his thoughts on a slow-motion American nightmare that is gaining speed and synthesizing in the minds of those who care to open their eyes and notice the cracks are widening. It feels like the so-called alarmists are being proven more and more correct by the day with the crises converging from every direction, stacking upon each other to block out the light incrementally but with accidental and intentional malice.

His essay this morning, published on his Substack and voiced on-air, will be dismissed by the usual dismissers — fodder for a cultural war with an unlimited budget and unlimited supply of bad-faith actors, both unpaid and handsomely compensated.

But for anyone who wants to get past the knee-jerk reactionary muscle movements we've grown helpless without, Le Batard offers up an incisive snapshot of reality shared across the political spectrums. One we're forced to live in far too often on the whims of the powerful and power-hungry with complete indifference to the masses and will of the people who would like nothing more than to escape this corner we've been forced into.

NONE of us seem to be living in the country we thought we were living in. ALL of us, Republicans or Democrats and everyone else, feel threatened. Even those in power. The feeling of being threatened is somehow both the reason that we all fight ... and one of the few things we all have in common.

But this isn't about Republicans and Democrats. Or, rather, if it is about Republicans, then it must also be about Democrats. Americans have one million options on coffee flavors and water, but only two real political parties, so we get the leadership we deserve, or lack thereof, Republicans so very ruthless about winning the dirtiest fights, Democrats so very weak in losing them. 

The Democrats could have put Roe into law numerous times but instead decided to fundraise off it. That's one of the dirtiest secrets here, that the government and media are almost entirely choked and controlled by big money. The laughing billionaires rocket their toys toward space without paying taxes and watch from above as the rest of us do what desperate animals do in a confined environment. We have begun eating each other.  

It's bleak stuff. And yet it's tough to disagree once the finger-pointing subsides. We don't have to live like this. We shouldn't have to live like this. But it sure feels like they'll be another missive in this series, perhaps more dire. And another one after that.