Dan Hurley, Zach Edey Got Into It During National Championship Game


UConn and Purdue are facing off in the national title game Monday night. The Huskies lead 36-30 at the half in a back-and-forth contest. Zach Edey has been excellent for Purdue, but drew the ire of UConn coach Dan Hurley at one point.

During a break in the action that came after a hard screen from Edey, Hurley stormed onto the court to confront the officials. He thought Edey should have been called for a foul. As he yelled at the officials, Edey turned and said something, which led to Hurley yelling at Edey. It was a tense moment.

Here's video:

Look, I'm an Indiana alum and I can't stand Purdue. Even I can see that was a clean screen by Edey. And while I'm thrilled this is the last time I have to watch that 7-foot-4 monster play college basketball, Hurley was absolutely out of line here.

I get that Hurley's whole thing is going right up against the line of what's acceptable behavior for a coach, but this crossed it.