Dan Dakich Thinks Trey Wingo Doesn't Have His Facts Straight After Taking Shot Over Andrew Luck Twee


Andrew Luck’s sudden and shocking retirement on Saturday night brought all sorts of takes, both hot and cold, to light. Troy Aikman eviscerated a fellow Fox Sports colleague. The intra-company drama continues.

Dan Dakich decided to throw his hat in the ring with a tweet about how he’s been right about Luck all along in that he wasn’t “real”, and piled on with several other tweets questioning Luck’s toughness and ridiculing him for his decision.

Dakich, host of “The Dan Dakich Show” on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, drew some ire for his harsh comments on Luck’s situation. Trey Wingo and Mike Golic decided it was on them to take him to task on Golic and Wingo on Monday morning. They explained why they disagreed with Dakich, then recounted Dakich’s own questionable history and said he should “clean up his backyard” before going after anybody. For those in the dark, Dakich was hired as the coach of West Virginia’s basketball team in 2002 but quit only eight days later in a move that remains controversial to this day.

Dakich was not a fan of this personal attack and responded accordingly on Twitter.

Golic and Wingo have yet to respond to Dakich’s latest tweet. Luck’s retirement has gotten everyone riled up, whether they have good reason to be or not.