Dan Dakich Says Jeff Brohm is Going to Louisville


Jeff Brohm will be the next Louisville football head coach, according to Dan Dakich, who says the announcement will occur after Thanksgiving:

Dakich added a caveat:

And he recently said Brohm was *not* going back to Louisville:

Brohm grew up in Louisville and went to the school, so this can’t be seen as a huge shocker even though he’s only spent two years as head coach of Purdue. It’s one of those where it stinks for Purdue and their players but if you’re looking at it from the outside you can understand.

While Dakich isn’t a traditional newsbreaker, he’s a radio host in Indiana and thus it’s difficult to see him putting this out there and having it be wrong. Nevertheless, this will sort itself out one way or the other in the coming weeks.