Dan Dakich Learned of Chris Farley's Death While On-Air Today


ESPN’s Jason Benetti delivered a fantastic line during this afternoon’s Michigan-Maryland broadcast. After Wolverines guard Charles Matthews stopped on a dime for a bucket, the play-by-play man joked that a trip to Zalinsky Auto Parts for some new brake pads was in order. It was lost on his partner Dan Dakich.

After being informed it was a Tommy Boy reference, Dakich opined on the comedic stylings of the late legend.

“Tommy Boy’s that big unfunny guy, is it Chris Farley,” he asked.

“He’s very funny,” Benetti said.

“He is?” Dakich said. “Was? Did he pass away?”

Farley, widely regarded as a humorous man, died on December 18, 1997. Sorry if this is news to you and for having to find out this way.