Dan Dakich Deleted His Twitter (UPDATED)

Dan Dakich
Dan Dakich / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Dan Dakich deactivated his Twitter account on Sunday. Dakich is under fire because of comments he made both online and on his radio show over the last few days following Jalen Johnson's decision to leave Duke. Dakich was among a number of media members to criticize Johnson. This was discussed on Twitter by Duke athletic scholar Nathan Kalman-Lamb, who was joined by Dr. Johanna Mellis. Dakich saw he was one of the people being discussed and went on the offensive. Via CKSN:

"Dan Dakich overtook the conversation spewing sexist and misogynistic comments and personal insults at the duo in response to a simple analysis of the systems that govern college sport. Then Dakich used his tremendous on air platform to call Kalman-Lamb a “d-bag,” and insult his appearance. Some might say he went as far as doxing Kalman-Lamb by physically spelling out his last name to listeners and repeatedly discussing his office hours in a hostile manner. When it came to Dr. Mellis, who Dakich simply referred to as “some lady” who was “bitching” at him, Dakich continued his tirade by discussing “going at it” in a pool with Dr. Mellis, saying that if he did, because it was a public place, he’d “have to get divorced.” I’m not sure how to take that – it’s either referencing a physical attack or a sexual one, and neither is acceptable. Dakich even used the fact that he is married to a former college athlete and coach who happens to be a woman as a defence that he could not possibly be sexist."

Kalman-Lamb and Mellis were the wrong targets. Both have been tweeting about Dakich all weekend as the calls for ESPN to fire him have grown more vocal.

Dakich's Twitter account may just be the first domino to fall.

UPDATE: An ESPN spokesperson told The Big Lead, "We are taking this matter very seriously and are in the process of looking into it."

UPDATE II: He's back on Twitter:

UPDATE III: Dakich did his radio show on Monday, then deactivated his Twitter account again.