Dan Campbell Was Too Distracted By the Wave to Realize Lions Were Throwing to Penei Sewell

Dan Campbell
Dan Campbell / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

This past Sunday brought one of the great moments in recent Detroit Lions history as they decided to throw a pass to offensive tackle Penei Sewell to effectively seal a huge win against the Minnesota Vikings. Much credit was given to Dan Campbell for the sheer audacity of the call and the way his balls-to-the-wall attitude has permeated throughout the team.

It turns out Campbell was as shocked as the rest of us when Sewell ended up with the ball.

Campbell appeared on the Pat McAfee Show today and was asked about the decision. He said he was distracted by the Ford Field fans doing the wave when offensive coordinator Ben Johnson asked him for the clearance to call the Sewell pass. The way Campbell tells it, he didn't really hear what was said so he gave the go-ahead. Then saw Sewell out in the flat and exclaimed "What the f--- are we doing?"

An appropriate reaction given that's basically what everybody watching the game also said as the play was unfolding. Fortune favors the bold, though. The Lions secured a win and got a Mina Kimes drawing on top of it all.