Damien Woody Nearly Walks Off the 'Get Up' Set After Mike Greenberg Suggests Benching Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are having a rough season. They've lost five straight and Rodgers has been struggling. Still, it's Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are paying him tens of millions of dollars this season so to bench him would be absolutely shocking. At least that's how Damien Woody feels as he briefly walked off the Get Up set this morning when Mike Greenberg suggested the Packers do just that to find out what they had in Jordan Love.

Woody composed himself and returned to his seat before spelling it out very clearly for everyone.

"Greeny, what the hell are you talking about here? What are we talking about? We talking about benching Aaron Rodgers for Jordan Love? How much bread we talking about with Aaron Rodgers? Like we're talking about quarter-billion-type stuff with Aaron Rodgers and you want to bench him... you want to bench Aaron Rodgers so find out what we have in Jordan Love!? Jordan Love? What do we expect to find out about Jordan Love!?

"If Jordan Love could play football they wouldn't have signed Aaron Rodgers to that deal. They wouldn't have signed him to that deal. If he had shown anything up to this point Aaron Rodgers wouldn't have signed that deal. The Green Bay Packers would have turned the page."

All good points. And as usual it is excellent television whenever anyone stands up from a desk on live television for some reason. However, the most jarring portion of the entire segment was when they put this graphic up showing how much Aaron Rodgers is going to cost the Packers whether he's active, healthy, injured, retired, or benched over the next four seasons. I think there was some sticker shock when we first saw these numbers in the offseason, but to look at him now after Rodgers threw three interceptions and as many fits in a loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, gouda lord that's a lot of cheddar for the Cheeseheads any way you slice it.

Those seasons as he approaches his mid-40's are going to be something else.