Damian Lillard Reveals Personal Call With Skip Bayless Where 'He Backpedaled the Whole Time'

Damian Lillard as a guest on Carmelo Anthony's podcast "What's in Your Glass?"
Damian Lillard as a guest on Carmelo Anthony's podcast "What's in Your Glass?" /

Carmelo Anthony had Portland Trail Blazers teammate Damian Lillard on his podcast/YouTube show What's in Your Glass? Monday night and things got interesting. The duo were on from separate rooms as Anthony interviewed Lillard about his life, but things took a turn when the topic shifted to Skip Bayless.

On Monday morning, Bayless tweeted the following:

Lillard responded a few hours later:

So the two had a private conversation. That's interesting. Well, Monday night on Anthony's show, Dame went into some details. He revealed that after Bayless said some negative things about him in the past, the two had a private conversation wherein Bayless backpedaled on everything.

Here's the whole section about the phone call:

So it sounds like Bayless sought out Lillard to explain himself a while back and then basically wouldn't stand by what he said, while also claiming he was depressed. There was clearly more to reveal there because at one point Lillard said, "I could just really make him look bad right now but I ain't gonna do that."

Skip is apparently planning to reply on Tuesday:

I'll say this about the NBA's Orlando bubble: some great stuff has come out of it. Devin Booker is dominating, T.J. Warren is hotter than a Carolina Reaper, Luka Doncic is doing stuff like this, and Damian Lillard is dumping on Skip Bayless from the comfort of a bed at Disney's Yacht Club Resort. What more could we want out of all this?