The Dallas Stars' Blackout Jerseys Are Awesome

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Stars debuted a bold new sartorial direction last night in a 7-3 shellacking of the Detroit Red Wings. Scoring goal after goal in jerseys visible through the American Airlines Center roof and out into space, the Stars put forth an effort worth of the Blackout alternates, eliminating all doubt that they'll be back.

If the organization wants to win, of course.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings v Dallas Stars / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Does the neon-on-black make it look like this is a team of firefighters teaming up to take down the local police in a charity game? Sure. But that's part of the charm. And last I checked, people like firefighters. Ever hear of Backdraft? Ever hear of Dick Wolf?

Looking at these beauties transported me back several years to a much less controversial time. It seems hard to believe but back in 2013 or 2014, you might see two or three uniform-related posts on sports blogs daily. It was such a good time.

Can we go back to that? Should we go back to that?