Dallas Mavericks, NBA Champions

By Jason McIntyre

The Mavericks took control of game six early in the second half and everyone waiting for Miami to make a run and force game seven was left slack-jawed. Whether it was JJ Barea (15 points), Jason Terry (game-high 27 points), or Dirk, the Mavericks always had an answer.

Dirk Nowitzki, who was named Finals MVP, struggled from the field (9-for-27) and had only 11 points through three quarters, but he scored 10 in the fourth – that was a recurring theme the last five games – and the Mavericks pulled away to win, 105-95.

If you could pinpoint one player in the league who doesn’t want a lockout and needs the season to begin on time, I’d say that player is LeBron James. In a listless, timid performance, LeBron committed six turnovers and when he was on the floor, his Heat were -24. (I’m not a fan of that stat in a small sample size, but if you watched game six, you know it was accurate.) James finished with a team-high 21 points, but it was anything but a commanding performance.

Jason Terry gets to keep his tattoo.

More tomorrow, obviously.