Dallas Latos Provided Live Twitter Play-By-Play As Her Husband Mat was Traded to the Marlins


Thursday morning proved to be a fairly crazy day in terms of non-stop transactions during baseball’s Winter Meetings. The day was crazy enough for fans on social media, but even moreso for the players and people actually involved with the trades. Dallas Latos, the wife of pitcher Mat Latos, basically tweeted the entire hour-long reaction as her husband was dealt from the Reds to the Marlins. The rollercoaster of emotions is clearly evident.

The reaction from Latos is, I’d guess, fairly normal for families involved in a trade. As a fan or someone watching from afar its easy to forgot athletes and their families actually have to uproot their lives when trades happen. Sure they’re highly compensated and whatnot, but moving to a new city and all that entails is an adjustment.

It is, however, fairly nuts that in the age of social media when every little kernel or information or rumor is floated out into the 140-character ether, players and their loved ones are finding out about this in real-time like everybody else.

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