Dallas Cowboys' Outrageous Final Play Featured Ezekiel Elliott Getting Blown Up at Center


The Dallas Cowboys had already lost to the San Francisco 49ers when they lined up for some sort of desperation, pitchy, woo woo play with six seconds remaining still three-quarters of the field from the intended end zone. But they decided to add a little cherry on top of their season-ending sundae by running a play straight out of hell that never got off the ground and was objectively hilarious. Running back Ezekiel Elliott handled the snapping duties for some reason and got blown all the way up by a defensive lineman seizing on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Whatever Mike McCarthy was going for never materialized as wide receiver KaVontae Turpin was quickly taken to the ground after catching a short pass and the clock expired. But we will always have the memories. One can only dream of understanding how exotic things could have gotten and how Elliott as center fit into the larger project.

The odds of any prayer at that point being answered are near zero so, again, the capper was not pivotal to the larger plot points. It's just that running something like that after nearly 60 seconds of dubious-at-best coaching decisions reminds us all that sports can deliver like nothing else. Every now and again the writers' room decides to just go for it.

Ten out of 10. Would and will watch again. Over and over.