Dallas Cowboys Extend La'el Collins, Continue to Get Ducks in a Row


While the Ezekiel Elliott uncertainty hangs over Dallas like a late-summer fog, the Cowboys are hard at work getting all their other ducks in a row. This morning, multiple reports emerged that right tackle La'el Collins agreed to a five-year extension which will keep him with the club through 2024.

This means the offensive line, long a strength in Big D, should be a spot of continuity for the foreseeable future, providing nice protection for Dak Prescott and whoever wants to play running back.

These long contracts are a Dallas special. Not many other franchises are out there asking players to stick around through that many Olympics.

The Collins deal, plus the Jaylon Smith deal, reveals the Cowboys’ strategy. And that’s to get a real good look at how much money they’ll have when tackling Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, and Ezekiel Elliott. Part of that calculus likely includes figuring out which of the three cuts, if any, is essential.

It’s smart and also a reminder that not everything grinds to a halt because Elliott would rather be in Cabo than on the sidelines right now. Jerry Jones is 76-years-old and dammit if he’s going to neglect addressing his team’s other needs — especially if doing so creates a clearer frame for realistic bargaining between the team and its offensive stars.