Five Dallas Cowboys Who Won't Be Back in 2024

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders
Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys are tremendous content. They are not a tremendous football team. Or at least they haven't been since their last trip to the NFC Championship Game — which came back in 1996. For some context, 3rd Rock From the Sun had just premiered on NBC. Dana Barros had just ended a streak of making a three-pointer in 89 straight games. So .. a long time ago.

That unfortunate streak continues because, once again, Dak Prescott & Co. came up short when it mattered most. The Green Bay Packers came into Jerry's World and claimed it for all parts north with a through domination. Now the deep-pocketed, free-wheeling franchise must once again attempt to pick up the pieces.

Here are five Cowboys who probably won't be running it back in 2024.

Mike McCarthy

Jerry Jones had an opportunity to throw some cold water on what has become hot speculation yet declined to do so. It's been four years and McCarthy has managed a single playoff win. With Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, and Jim Harbaugh all potentially on the open market right now, there's never been a splashier pool. So cards on the table, yes, we think we'll be hearing about the end of this era soon and there will be a full-court press to find someone who has a brand name and ability to fix this.

Tony Pollard

Coming into this year it seemed like Pollard was one of the best running backs in the league. As the season went on the Cowboys simply didn't use him like they believed that at all despite franchise-tagging him over the offseason. The position has been greatly devalued and there are some good backup options so if things are going to be shaken up, they'll probably start behind Prescott.

Tyron Smith

Sure, sure. Great left tackles don't grow on trees and retaining this plus unit is very important. But Smith will be 34 and demand quite a price tag as he is effectively a free agent with only void years remaining on his deal. It's not a pleasant situation yet it's the exact right time to get very critical with this decision.

Brandin Cooks

An attractive option to cut for cap savings and this offense doesn't necessarily need much at wide receiver behind CeeDee Lamb. Especially when it feels like the move is to make the whole offense out of CeeDee Lamb. Dallas should try something different and get a more dynamic player in the Deebo Samuel mold anyway.

Stephon Gilmore

On one hand, an excellent player. On the other ... a 34-year-old cornerback? In this economy? No thanks.