Dak Prescott Better Than Hypothetical NFC East Quarterback Monster

Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Dak Prescott was magnificent in the Dallas Cowboys' opening night loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, completing 42 of his 58 throws for 403 yards and collecting three touchdowns. Any questions about his health and firepower entering this pivotal season were rendered moot. He is now, somewhat shockingly, the first quarterback to throw for over 400 yards four times in a five-game stretch, per Elias Sports Bureau. More importantly, there's plenty of reason for optimism going forward that actual victories will stack up behind this pyrrhic one.

Prescott's ability is not a shock but seeing him put it all together following a potentially career-altering injury is significant. Anyone who believed the Cowboys capable of winning the NFC East should feel even stronger this morning. Nick Wright spoke to just how much of an advantage Dallas has at the position in comparison to its divisional foes this morning on First Things First.

Long story short, we defy you to create a Frankenstein's Monster from other quarterback parts more capable than Prescott.

Go ahead. Create something unholy out of Jalen Hurt's legs, Ryan Fitzpatrick's head and Daniel Jones', uh, torso? Play god in some sort of offshore lab. Just know that even as you break every professional code of medical ethics your efforts will result, at best, in the second-best NFC East signal caller. Hardly seems worth it.

The Cowboys have confidence, a comically easy schedule and an already assembled quarterback.

Plenty of reasons to smile even in defeat.