Dabo Swinney Supports a College Football Players Association, Clearly Doesn't Know What a Union Is

Dabo Swinney, College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU
Dabo Swinney, College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dabo Swinney held a press conference on Monday evening where he stressed his Clemson football players are better off being on campus under the school's health protocols than heading home. He also voiced support for a college football players association, but that he wouldn't support them unionizing. So Clemson's head football coach clearly has no idea what a union is.

Let's just be clear, the players association being pushed by collegiate athletes like Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence would absolutely be a union. A players association is a union. Baseball's players union? It's called the Major League Baseball Players Association. Football's? The National Football League Players Association. Do I need to continue?

In Lawrence's tweet from Sunday night that drew so much attention, the group he's supporting calls to "ultimately create a college football players association."

That association would likely give college football players a seat at the table when the NCAA is discussing health protocols, transfer rules and changes to the overall model of collegiate athletics. It could push for things like long-term health care for injured players and be a part of the name, image, likeness debate currently raging nationwide. That is, by definition, a union.

Swinney might want to read up on labor/trade unions and collective bargaining before he continues down this path. After all, he's long been against players getting paid while raking in a $9.3 million a year salary off their labor.

Better yet, let's just not tell him so he can keep sounding like an idiot.