Dabo Swinney Goes Off on Radio Show Caller

Clemson v Miami
Clemson v Miami / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Clemson is struggling this season and sits at 4-4 in what is shaping up to be Dabo Swinney's worst season in more than a decade. Clearly that lack of success is getting to Clemson's coach, as on Monday night he went off on a caller to his radio show.

The caller, named Tyler from Spartanburg, asked Swinney why Clemson is paying him such a high salary just to go 4-4. Swinney claimed the caller is part of the problem because people don't appreciate the success the program has had on his watch. He said, "If you wanna apply for the job, go for it. And good luck to you." He proceeded to refer to the caller as "Some smart-ass kid."

Here's the entire rant:

Well, it appears Swinney is handling Clemson's struggles well.

Swinney makes $11 million a year. The fact that he's riled up about a small amount of criticism on a call-in radio show is utterly insane. Guess what, Dabo? When you get paid that amount of money, you should expect criticism when things don't go well. Just a terrible look for a college football coach, especially one of Swinney's stature.

Swinney is correct that Clemson has found unprecedented success on his watch. The Tigers have won two national titles on his watch, have scored 10-plus wins in 12 straight seasons and have won eight ACC titles in his 15-plus seasons on the sideline. That said, he's a 53-year-old who is one of the highest-paid coaches in the sport at any level. That's not the way to react to that situation.