D.J. Pettway, Alabama Player Charged In Student Robbery, Has Rejoined The Crimson Tide


Fate grants second chances, especially when you’re really talented at football. D.J. Pettway, one of four Alabama players dismissed from the program after being arrested and charged following two student robberies on campus in February, has rejoined the Crimson Tide.

Two students were attacked and robbed on Alabama’s campus in February. One described being left bleeding and unconscious on the sidewalk. Players were caught when they used one of the stolen credit cards to buy snacks from a vending machine. Pettway was charged with second-degree robbery. He won his appeal to be charged as a youthful offender, sealing his record.

Pettway, who spent the season at East Mississippi Community College, re-signs with Alabama with two years of eligibility left. Enrolling again, he will not count toward the 2014 scholarship count. Pettway, through a Februrary statement from his lawyer, apologized for any “pain, distractions or other problems” he caused…his teammates and pledged to “move forward” with his “personal growth.” We’re sure that’s solace for the two students who, again, share a campus with him.

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[Photo via USA Today Sports]