Curt Schilling May Challenge Elizabeth Warren in 2018


Curt Schilling is aiming for a presidential run in 2020 (if Clinton wins) or 2024 (if Trump wins). Apparently, he is considering challenging Elizabeth Warren for her Senate seat in 2018 as a stepping stone toward his ultimate destiny.

Schilling becoming the Republican candidate, of course, would be unlikely. We’d be talking about a man with no government experience, an atrocious business record, an alarming propensity to demonize entire groups of people, and little self discipline with memes and comments over social media getting through the nomination process of a major party by winging it on pure name recognition.

Obviously, Schilling will not be running in Rhode Island where his debacle of a video game company left the State on the hook for about $89 million. He was recently cleared on potential fraud charges.

Ex-ESPN analysts have not done tremendously well on the political circuit. Craig James’ “Mission from God” went awry, when he was eliminated before the runoff in the 2012 Texas GOP Senate Primary.