Curt Schilling Got Spectacularly Owned On Twitter Over Terrorism Prevention Plan

Ryan Phillips

Curt Schilling is a complete nut-job and his addiction to espousing poorly thought-out, uber-conservative ideas on social media has gotten him into trouble before. On Sunday that happened once again.

Schilling took to his Facebook page to offer up his solution to the problem of terrorism on American soil and how to prevent an attack like the bombings in the New York area over the weekend. His idea was sufficiently terrifying:

So basically we need to end immigration and start summarily executing anyone accused of a terrorist attack, while also blocking all of their rights to due process.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with his idiocy, but one Twitter user, who goes by the name Asher Langton, absolutely destroyed Schilling. He got into a back-and-forth with the former All-Star, baiting him expertly before delivering a perfect final strike.

Here’s the exchange tweet by tweet. Please enjoy the craftsmanship of how he reels the dimwitted Schilling in perfectly:

Waaaaait for it…


Needless to say Schilling didn’t respond to that absolute evisceration of his faulty logic. Either that or he was too busy cleaning the remains of his exploded head off the floor to formulate a retort.

That was a thing of beauty. The long, slow trek to the pay off was so totally worth it. Well done Asher Langton, well done indeed.

Twitter spent the rest of the day justifiably congratulating Mr. Langton. Here are some of the best responses:

Maybe Schilling should just step away from social media for the next, oh I don’t know…forever.