Reds Manager David Bell Simply Does Not Care What You Think About His Players

David Bell
David Bell / Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Cincinnati Reds pitcher Amir Garrett caused a dust-up during a baseball game. The man made famous for trying to take on the entire Pittsburgh Pirates roster by himself made waves again last night when he caused the benches to clear during the Reds-Cubs game.

Garrett was brought in for relief against Anthony Rizzo with the Cubs up by one run in the eighth. He struck Rizzo out and emphatically pounded his chest in celebration before talking a lot of trash. None of the Chicago players liked that, especially Javier Baez, who yelled at Garrett before hopping the dugout railing and causing both sides to leave the bench with him.

Ultimately nothing really happened. Just another one of those dust-ups that happens in baseball every now and again. After the game, Cubs manager David Ross did not mince words about what he thought of Garrett's actions.

Reds manager David Bell was asked about those comments during a press conference on Sunday. Similar to Ross, Bell left no room for interpretation as far as how he felt about another manager speaking on his player's behavior.

As expected, Bell stood up for his guy. It's understandable Ross got all grumpy about the situation, especially since it's not like Garrett has been lights out this year (12.27 ERA entering Saturday's affair). But also baseball is more fun when guys are showing some emotion out there.

After today, the Reds play the Cubs again on May 28. Circle the date. I'm sure there will be some fireworks.