Cubs Place Carlos Zambrano On Disqualified List

By Tim Ryan

He has reportedly told people he may retire, and retirement might be his only option anyway. Seriously, who would be willing to give this guy any kind of contract at this point? He’s likely done in the sport whether he wants to be or not.

Here’s Alfonso Soriano’s take on the Zambrano situation:

“He’s been doing a lot of things —not one, not two. He’s a big man, but I think mentally he’s weak … I think he needs to find some guy to talk to him because he’s got a problem. A lot of people try to help him, but he doesn’t let them help, because that’s him.”

Mentally weak? Fantastic. I didn’t know Soriano had it in him. Good for him.

My only questions regarding this situation are of course unimportant ones: Did Big Z have to hail a cab back to the hotel when he left Turner Field? Did the Cubs still pay for his flight home or was Zambrano forced to scour Orbitz for a reasonable deal? Sadly, we may never know for sure.

[via & Sun-Times; photo via Getty]