Cubs Fans Resorted to Peeing in Cups on Opening Night at Wrigley

By Mike Cardillo

Wrigley Field is in the midst of a massive, costly, lengthy renovation which has managed to piss off just about everyone. Oops. Poor choice of words. Construction at Wrigley caused the closure of two upper deck bathrooms, causing chaos below and leaving some fans to relieve themselves in cups to avoid the long, multiple-inning lines.

Hardball Talk has the full statement from the Cubs, who say they’ll have portable bathrooms in place for the next home game. Obviously the team is upset and embarrassed. You can tarp over incomplete bleachers, but you can’t exactly stop fans from posting pictures of the terrible in-stadium conditions on social media.

Happy Opening Day. Play ball!

Maybe it’s become cliche in these parts, but what a time to be alive.

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