Cubs Auctioning Chair Masahiro Tanaka Sat In During Derek Jeter's Last Game at Wrigley Field


Derek Jeter played his final game at Wrigley on May 21st. Obviously, this was a big deal since Jeter played 5 of his 2600 career games at Wrigley. To commemorate the historic moment, the Chicago Cubs are auctioning off the chair that Masahiro Tanaka sat in in the locker room during the 2-game series. The auction ends tomorrow so make sure to get in your bid so that you can own this piece of history and have the following conversation with your friends.

Friend of Auction Winner: I’m having a party on Saturday, do you have any folding chairs I can borrow?

Auction Winner: Not quite, but I have been meaning to show you this. [pulls chair from closet]

Friend: Oh, so you have one chair. I can use that. Thanks.

AW: No way! This is my prize chair.

Friend: OK? I mean, it is a pretty nice black folding chair with a padded seat. I mean, as far as folding chairs with padded seats go. Like I said, I’m having a party and need some extra chairs. Where did you get that one? How much did that cost?

AW: $310.

Friend: Why can’t I get a straight answer out of you? Seriously, what was it? $20? They have them at WalMart, right?

AW: No, I won it in an auction.

Friend: A black chair with padded seat auction? What am I missing here?

AW: Well you know how I am a huge Yankees fan?

Friend: Yes. Oh! Did that chair come from Yankee Stadium?

AW: No.

Friend: I’m lost.

AW: It came from Wrigley!

Friend: But you’re a Yankees fan.

AW: It’s from Jeter’s final trip to Wrigley!

Friend: Oh, so Jeter used it.

AW: Well, no. Masahiro Tanaka sat on it.

Friend: Oh. Did he throw a no-hitter?

AW: Not quite.

Friend: Shut out?

AW: No.

Friend: Did he have a good game?

AW: He scattered 4 runs over 6 innings.

Friend: Did they at least win?

AW: No.

Friend: And how much did you pay for this chair?

AW: $310.

Friend: It’s a black padded chair from Wrigley Field that was used by Tanaka in a loss and it cost you $310?

AW: Yes.

Friend: I’m starting to understand that crippling debt you’re always complaining about.

AW: But The Captain!

Friend: Can I borrow the chair or not?

AW: [quietly caresses chair]