Counterpoint: Cubs Announcers Should Have to Wear More Clothes in the Booth

Chicago Cubs Summer Workouts
Chicago Cubs Summer Workouts / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Enterprising reporter Jon Greenberg of The Athletic tackled the hard-hitting topic of the Cubs announcing duo of Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies wearing suits and ties in the booth in his Sunday column and was richly rewarded with significant web traffic. You wouldn't know that by following him though.

It turns out there's a reason Kasper and Deshaies are suiting up like Barney Stinson despite the humid, mid-90-degree days that hit the Friendly Confines this weekend.

"“Marquee Sports Network, run by New Yorkers in Mike McCarthy and Michael Santini, has been vocal about presenting these games as “national network quality” broadcasts, so yes, they’re making Len and JD wear ties, shirts and coats for games.”"

The Athletic

There's definitely some validity in the whole look good-play good theory. But at a certain point one simply has to be moved off a position by what have to be standing pools of back sweat by the third inning. Seriously, if the chairs these fellas are occupying are leather, it is not an exaggeration to say the bleeding hearts online may call for a new convention in Geneva.

And fans are pushing hard for a more relaxed, breathable dress code for the duo with a #FreeLenandJD hashtag because if #KONY2012 taught us anything it's that these campaigns always work out.

Me? Well, I'm reading the green and feeling things breaking left instead of the consensus right. Marquee should actually encourage Kasper and Deshaies to wear more clothes in the booth. Get a hoodie and a gortex parka on both of them. Complete the look with a knit-wool cap and some deerskin gloves. Remove all the fans and seal the booth up nice at tight, then sell a Sweat Lodge ad campaign.

We're all trapped at home and need entertainment. Watching some people try to cut weight like a wrestler six minutes before weigh-in would really add another layer to the whole experience. Maybe each Cubs run can mean an extra layer. Imagine what they could look like in a rout? Shades of Joey Tribbiani.

Anyway. I don't control the dress code and neither do those rooting for bare arms and exposed knees. We'll let the marketplace of ideas sort this one out.