Cristiano Ronaldo Bitched About an Anti-Real Madrid Conspiracy After Loss to Barcelona

By Mike Cardillo

Cristiano Ronaldo … this is why despite your unreal dribbling skills, your ability to hit a soccer ball with your left foot like a piledriver and all your other transcendent abilities on the field, people are still going to hate you.

The Portuguese star faulted the usual culprits following Real Madrid’s 4-3 loss to Barcelona in El Clasico Sunday in the Spanish capital. Instead of praising the genius of his rival, Lionel Messi, or finding fault at his teammates like Sergio Ramos or Xabi Alonso for fouls inside the box that resulted in Barca’s win, Ronaldo did what Ronaldo is always going to do: blame the haters.


Here’s what Ronaldo said after Sunday’s match:

" “It is difficult because a lot of people did not want us to win and Barcelona would have been out of it,” he said. “Maybe they don’t want Real Madrid to win this Liga.” "

Right. Exactly. It’s alllllll a conspiracy that your team blew a 3-2 lead — at home — and a chance to move seven points clear of Barcelona in the La Liga table.

Rest assured, Ronaldo targeted referee Alberto Undiano Mallenco, too.

" “We were 3-2 up and controlling the game. The referee made some unbelievable decisions, but you have to carry on. There were a lot of errors in one match. In a Real Madrid-Barcelona game you have to have a referee who is up to the game. In my opinion he was not up to a match of this stature. I looked at him and he was pale, that’s because he was so nervous and he was unable to make the right decisions. A referee has to be relaxed in order to do as well as possible. It makes me think that matches are not only won on the pitch, but also with a little help off of it.” "

Let’s forget that your penalty, which put Real Madrid up 3-2, came on a foul from Dani Alves outside the box which you tripped forward to con the ref. Nevermind the antics by Pepe following Messi’s goal, either. The ref wasn’t up to the task, which begs the question: is there a single human being on planet Earth fit to officiate a Real Madrid/Barcelona match?

The sad part of this story is that fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona are such ideological zealots for their preferred clubs that they actually buy into this conspiracy crap. It’s part of what makes El Clasico often difficult to stomach, despite the amount of talent each club possesses.

The Spanish rivals are set to meet again in the Copa del Rey final on April 16. Officials, referees and all other powers that be are assuredly already plotting ways to screw over the other team.

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